Saturday, October 30, 2010

sadly, hibernation is almost upon us...

summer is time for flighty thoughts. freckles, watermellons, and swimmin' holes. bbq's, family, and fun. in my opinion, its the "most wonderful time of the year". honestly- yes, the holidays are great. there is family, and laughter, no matter how many present are under the tree, or how big of a turkey is placed on the table. yes- there is good cheer in the hearts of many, as people think about the spirit of giving. but man.... i'm going to miss this-
yes folks, this is the beautiful summer's evening view from our backyard.

i can almost feel the brisk summers wind coming up over the mountains. pouring over me as i stand on our back porch. with my bare feet on the dewey grass, and the fields all around, i feel as though everything is right in the world. the simple sound of the small little creatures scuffling through the barley fields. and the sleepy motion of the sun creeping behind the mountain. if you close your eyes, and pause, you can here the little crickets chirping. with the faint echo of mothers calling their kids inside down the block. the sound of their training wheels thumping over the grooves of the pavement as they speed home. sigh, i love hyrum. the canyon brings angry winds through our yard every summer morning. the stronger the wind, the warmer the day will be. you can stand on our driveway, and as the gusts come, you can suck in one huge breath of air! and then hold it in your lungs, and hold it, and hold, it, until you body has taken all of the freedom and energy out of that air, and then slowly (ever so slowly) let it out.

summer, i will miss you so- return soon. with your butterflies, and dancing rays of light. i will be waiting. until then, i guess i will have to welcome winter's come, with open arms, and a snow shovel in hand.

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