Monday, November 1, 2010

BD's Timeout

Come all and prepare to be amazed on a wild journey of a story of love. Privileged be they who read this blog and blessed be those who have written it. I would like to take a step and a half to the side, to partake of some good old fashioned fun. For those of you who know it, this is BD addressing you and I wanted to let Lauren know how much I appreciate her and how wonderful this blog is. I always knew she was a special creature, I would like to think that is why I married her. But in reality I married her because I love her and knew we are the best thing for each other. I have discovered so many wonderful things about this girl in the past year. Every day has been entertaining and exciting. For those of you who know Lauren Noel and have lived with her in a close proximity, you'll know she makes her presence well known. And she does so in some of the strangest, most curiously cute ways. Lauren Noel is a creature of many niches and habitats. For example....

Much of the creatures time will be spent in front of a heater with a blanket in efforts to keep the smaller extremities warm. You might be asking, how cold is the house? 72 my friends, She also has control of the heat in the house. She is a warm blooded and warm hearted creature for sure. There is no pulling her away from the heater, it has to be a team effort of convincing and bribery. She will also be found doing many curious things. As a certain way of leaving trails of where she has been. Trails that makes a man wonder....

Here we see keys in the sink, there is no explanation as to why. Stunning enough these keys never get lost, because they are generally in bowl shaped objects, like a sink, cup or basket. When you see keys in a sink you know Lauren Noel is close.

Butter. The butter drawer on the top will never be closed when Lauren Noel is close. She will take out butter, put it on her food and put it back in the fridge and here is the trick, she'll never close the clear plastic. This means when you open the fridge a block of butter will hit you in the head, every time this happens you know! Lauren Noel is close.

Unexplainable food mixtures and droppings. Here we see brownies with 4 cheez-its mingled onto the tray. How did they get there? No one knows, but there is one thing I do know, Lauren Noel is close.

Toe nail painting kit in random places on the floor, that will stay there for days. Do not try and clean this up, or you will be attacked. The intentions to paint nails is extended over a long period of time and many random places. Lauren Noel is close.
This is simply a piece of lettuce floating in a glass of water. I do not know. Why. What. When. But Lauren Noel was there.

Notice, not one glass is out of place. She demands perfection and order in her cupboards. If the glasses are in rows and color coordinated, Lauren Noel was there.
And that is why I love her, she is unique. That and I always know where she has been. Although I might not understand what she was doing, it has been the adventure of a lifetime to follow this little creature around. She makes my day, everyday.

BG. Davis


Davis Five said...

Super cute post Berty. So happy to see you so happy. :)
Love you guys.

Jim and Nicole said...

This was the funniest post ever!!! Im sure Jim thinks similar things about me..I wont ask him though :)

Chad & MiKayla said...

This is super cute! I'm glad you guys are so happy!!

Lee Party of 2 said...

this is so freaking cute! lo lo i'm so glad we have found husbands who think the little weird things we do are cute. i love this!

the davis family said...

ha ha ha trust me dani, i know!!! i want to meet that hubby of yours!