Saturday, November 27, 2010

weekend getaway!

kicking myself! i am absolutely kicking myself! brett and i got to get to the stein eriksen lodge in park city for a weekend get-away, courtesy of my boss. I packed the camera, but forgot the battery! i left it plugged into the wall at home. so sadly, i had to borrow these pictures which i hate doing.... but honestly i picked the ones that looked exactly like our experience so we could remember it correctly.

our hotel was beautiful, and the service was so wonderful! brett and i were laughing at how red neck we are- we pull up to the hotel, and a valet-man comes running up to our car, brett and i instantly looked at each other and said "oh crap." my heals were lying on the floor of the car, and my bags were open from me changing in the car... and we had no tip, no tippe' for the man-a'! brett and i were like, can we park our car ourself? the man chuckled at us. we reluctantly handed him our keys and i scrambled to back up my stuff. yes, the bell man carried up a PLASTIC bag full of hairspray, and eyeshadow. i was laughing inside, as his nice leather gloves grasped the plastic handles. he gave us a tour of our room, turned on the heater, and asked is he could get us some ice- i was thinking, no way, im not going to make you get me ice. i felt so bad for the guy. yeah its his job to help us out, but seriously? i was feeling bad the whole time. i was trying to get two steps ahead of him, so i could help the guy out. to make matters worse, yes you guessed it, we didnt have a tip for the guy! i think we underestimated to classiness of the hotel. we had no idea how nice it was going to be!

we had a three course meal courtesy of the boss, once again. brett and i were adding up the meal in our heads, it was around 160+ per couple. it was delicious! i had sweet potato soup with buttermilk cream sauce, lamb shoulder with milk and spring peas, and a 12 layer chocolate cake for dessert. brett had this ancient cheese, washington beef with balsamic vinegar, and five DELICIOUS chocolates.

when we got back there were robes on the bed our chocolates on our pillows and our sheets were turned down. In the morning we went to a cute little place called kneaders, and had awesome french toast. it was such a fun weekend! i am so glad we got to have this wonderful experience. thanks Dr. Summers!

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Jim and Nicole said...

oh my gosh! that seriously sounds like heaven, i bet you guys had a blast!