Sunday, January 23, 2011

dinner to make you say !vwala!

its that time again, when i share a yumm yumm yummmyyy recipie with you guys! this one is a new one we just discovered, and now love! ps, can i also say that we are obsessed with our cast iron skillet? works so good, and you avoid all the chemicals that transfer to your food from non-stick pans.

spinach pesto with golden brussel spouts on the side ; ) yes, brussell sprouts-

Spinach Pesto pasta
1 bundle of spinach (equals about to be about 5 packed cups)
1/2 cup chicken stalk of 1 tsp of bullion
1 chicken breast, cooked and over seasoned
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
2-3 cloves of garlic
4 capers
3 artichoke hearts, halved (we get the canned ones)
1tbs lemon juice
pinch of black pepper
pinch of salt
1/2 stick of butter

1. blend spinach, garlic, parmesan cheese, capers, lemon juice, pepper, salt, in a food processor. slowly add chicken broth as you go.

2. in sauce pan, on low heat, melt butter. add artichoke hearts. once butter is melted, combine spinach mixture to pan. heat until the cheese slightly melts and pesto is well heated.

3. cut chicken breast in to thin slices, add to mixture. serve over noodles of choice!

golden crusted brussel spouts
6-10 sprouts.
olive oil
1/3 cup chicken broth (of veggie stalk of your vegetarian)
1. in a fry pan (i use cast iron skillet) heat 2 tbs of olive oil. on slice brussel spouts in half and place flat side down in pan. season with salt and pepper. add 1/3 cup chicken broth to pan. cover. steam on medium heat until tender. flip once spouts get a golden crusted appearance.


.lauren davis.


Cheryl said...

Yummy!!! Can't wait to visit and have you cook for us. I love spinach and Brussel Sprouts. Love Mom.

the davis family said...

you would love this one, trust me!