Wednesday, December 21, 2011

yikes! I'm the big 22!

turning 21, i felt so established. turning 22, i feel so old! i know, i know, i will only feel older as the years pass on. it seems like just yesterday though i was playing on the canal by our house, or catching little frogs with one of my friends. it seems like just yesterday i got my black and blue bike for my 8th birthday. it seems like just yesterday my dad was rolling me in a blanket taco and throwing me in the air and onto the couch.

but alas, i am 22. and will soon have a little one of my own to roll into tacos, buy the bike of her favorite color, and teach to catch frogs. i seem so old, and so young at the same time!

21 was a good year for me! although i didn't go bar hopping on my big night ; ) i did make some wonderful memories with my sweet hubs. and yes of course, i found out that i was going to be a mother. its funny how life goes. when you are little you map it out in your mind, and then once again when your a teen, and now i feel like i'm mapping out an entirely different course all together. a beautiful one. an exciting one.

i asked my husband what if felt like to be 22. he chuckled and reminded me that his 22 was very different than my 22. i guess thats true. i'm happy to experience my own little version of 22. while we all pass though life in the same fashion, each getting older every year, its amazing at how different our lives can all be.

i hope to put my best foot forward this year, and make the most of my own little version of 22.

.lauren davis.

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