Saturday, February 23, 2013

crazy talk: toothless grin

I don't know why olive getting teeth has hit me so hard. i guess it just the realization that a chapter in her life is closing. growth and change are all part of life. its something that never ends. clearly this is why we must cherish every moment. Olive has been working on her new pearly whites since she was four months old. those darn things really gave her a run for her money. they would come in, they would go down, they would promise to stay, then they would go. But i think its safe to say that this time was the real deal. olive struggled to get those little buggers to stay, and now, she has 6 shiny sparkling teeth to show for all her hard work. man are they white! she sure is a beautiful little girl. here are the very last pictures olive will ever take toothless. congrats on your pearly whites!

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