Wednesday, February 13, 2013

crazy talk: growing pains

this poor blog has been so neglected. i finally feel like i am getting better at this motherhood thing. its a new adventure that stretches muscles you never knew you had and exercises areas you never knew existed. Once you get started you pick up speed, but never the less, it is a new adventure. one that takes time and practice. Poor olive gets all my "trial and errors". i am finally feeling like i am managing my time a little better. I am finally learning to clean the kitchen while the munchkin chomps on nom noms. i am finally learning to make my bed. i'm finally learning that bins are the saving grace for managing toys. I am finally learning that waking up early is actually refreshing. I guess, i'm finally learning to be an adult; and i'm ok with admitting that.

i constantly say this over and over. i feel like a broken record of sorts; but man! where have the days gone? how in the world has my little girl almost been around for a year? more importantly, when did she start growing out of 18-24 month old clothes?! why? how? these are all questions i repeat over and over again.

I guess when the work is this rewarding, and the days are simply so sweet, time flies away from you. Its like being stuck in an enchanted garden of small pitter patters down the hall, giggles, new teeth that glisten, curiosity, open mouth kisses on the cheek, peach fuzz on the head, and tiny toe nails that make you cringe with cuteness. when you finally look up you realize time has passed all to fast. This enchanted little place we find in our homes, makes us lose sense of time. i guess thats always how it will go? we will always long for more time, more kisses, more pjs, more bear crawls, more laughter, and late nights, more dancing in the kitchen, more quiet words coming from the backseat, and more soft whispers in your ear. but i guess that's the beauty really. today is part of eternity. never to be repeated, never to end, always sweet, always different.

seriously? could it get any better? i surely don't think so. Make the most of your day today!

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Jim and Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, she's so cute! Time fly's so fast I can't stand it!