Friday, March 15, 2013

crazy food: strawberry, apple, carrot jello

ok. before you freak out and start feeling ridiculously sorry for olive. i promise you she loves this jello! i wanted to make her some jello that was free of all the dyes and white sugar. so i got creative and she loves this jello. it has so many possibilities! if this flavor combo isn't for your family, then try tweaking it to cater towards your families tastes. olive LOVES carrot juice! at least for now. she has a sippy cup of it almost every day so this jello was right up her alley. plus carrot juice, naturally, is really sweet! so i promise, you don't have to feel bad for her.

strawberry, apple, carrot jello

2 envelopes unflavored gelatine
1/2 cup cold carrot juice (or juice of choice)
1 1/2 cups carrot juice, heated boiling (or juice of choice)
1 organic apple, grated
3 organic strawberries, cubed

in a 8x8 pan, sprinkle gelatine over 1/2 cup cold carrot juice. let sit 1 minute. add 1 1/2 cups hot carrot juice. stir until gelatin has completely dissolved. stir in apple, and strawberries. chill until firm, around 40 minutes. 

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cheryl said...

So glad you tried this.