Monday, October 27, 2008

A weekend to remember

this weekend was amazing..... to put it lightly! i had so many wonderful experiences and i truly and so blessed. i have had so many amazing people enter into my life. i have also been blessed with so many experiences these past few weeks that have helped stretch me as an individual. i am so lucky.

friday night was fun, i got to go on a date with a very sweet guy named dustin. he has a good head on his shoulders and was a gentleman the entire night. we carved pumpkins. ours was awesome for sure! we carved the ocean/sunset into our pumpkin, can you believe that?! thats talent for sure! we didnt win the contest tho.... sadly someone else took the title- even though ours was clearly the most legit.

saturday was full of spirituality. its one of those days i will never forget! my roommate, ginger, has been taking the discussions for quite some time. on saturday she entered into the holy waters of baptism and made many sacred covenants with the lord. i have never felt so close to my savior. she has such a strong testimony of the truth. she is so strong in her beliefs. she really is amazing. 

our friend matt had the opportunity of baptizing her. it really was beautiful. gingers family is originally from mexico city, and matt served his mission in mexico city so they both speak spanish fluently. because of this, matt baptized her in spanish. i was so lucky to be able to be a part of it all. 

ginger bore her testimony. it was so beautiful, sweet, and pure. in her testimony she told me that she knew that people didnt meet by chance she told me she knew that i was placed into her life for a reason. she also said that she knew she was roomates with sammy and i for a reason. this brought tears to my eyes because i had been feeling the same way. i know that we didnt meet by chance. i was so proud of her for making this decision in her life.

sunday was rogers first day at church :) he got a chance to mingle with the crazies! just kidding! he took it all in like a champ. i think i added it up and he endured at least five hours of church, and at the end of it all, he said he couldnt get enough! 

after church we went to a fireside by elder groberg. it was at the IF temple visitors center (which is breathtaking) and he spoke on what is really important in life. it was a very eye opening experience. we also got the chance to hear the testimony of his beautiful wife. they are so in love and i love it! i drove the elders up with us as well- it was really cool to hear their testimonies and see their view on life. i learned alot about them and i was glad that i got a chance to drive them up. they have sacrificed so much to come on their missions. it was amazing to me, and it was a good time for me to see what really is important in life. really honestly, and truly i believe that the lord will judge us harshly on how we treated our fellow man..... am i doing enough??.....

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AJ said...

i wish i was there with you- i wish we are experiencing life together :(