Sunday, September 5, 2010

reflection of 365 days

mr davis and i have been together for over a year. its so hard to believe and imagine! we were reflecting on our life together, this year has been a great one! we have learned so much together. here are a few of our "greatest memories" either that or the ones that taught us the most!

when i first moved to logan, in september of 2009, i litterally had no job, no plan, and no place to live! all i knew, was that i was supposed to be with brett davis. I knew it would all work out, somehow. I packed up my stuff in my little blue 93 altima and drove the 4.5 hours to logan. Luckily brett had a sister that let me live with her until i found a home. alyssa (brett's neice) let me kick her out of her room and i stayed at their house for 2 weeks until i got some things straightened out! i could not find a full time job, but i could find 3 part time jobs! ha ha ha i worked at a sporting good store, a tanning salon, and yes, i was a model for a retired artist. it was the most humbling experience i have ever been through. It seemed i was either late for work, driving to work, on my way home for work, or working at two places at once every second of my life! and then.... i would come home and gasp when i opened my pay checks! it seemed like all i ever had was enough change to barely fill my pocket!!! I found the apartment pictured above, and was so happy to move in! it was built in 1865, and was a known polygomist compound in the later 1800's. I most recently found out it was also a "ward" for dying elderly individuals! I guess the three floor of the little cobblestone home was once packed with elderly people on their way out of this life. It was quaint, and cute, and mine, i loved it. I always remember though that the house always seemed full of people, even when i was the only one there. when i asked brett to bless the home for me i could feel a tremedous weight lifted from the foundation of the home. Yes, some might say creepy. But when brett moved in after we got married, it led to some good stories, and brought us closer together. One of our friends stayed the night is the basement and claimed to see a small, hunched over, female in the corner.... i guess we will never know if what he saw was really what he thought he saw..... 

The picture above is of me in my scrubs after work. ahhhh work. Over the year i have been through 5 jobs (in a positive way), and brett has been laid off! wow what a stressor that has been! but it has all been for the best! I have slowly worked my way through the jobs that i have acquired, each has had a specific purpose, each has led me to where i am now! I am currently working for a mohs surgeon in logan. He works only with specialty dermatological procedures. I am a medical assistant for him, and i also assist him in surgery. It has been great fun, and i have learned so much. I love my job. Brett is currently working as an elementary school tudor helping the youngling aspire while struggling. 
yes, this year we took in an abandoned field mouse. her name was gabby and we loved her! she was smaller than a quarter when brought her home to me, and barely alive! brett and i woke up ever 2 hours at night to feed the darn thing but she was worth it. We took her in until she could eat solids, and then we set her free to run in the mountains. 
through the last year we have been through 6 cars!!!! yes, six. the jeep above was one of many. I will never go through that again. hopefully.... ha ha ha lets see if we can find one to stick!

so some of these picture are slightly out of order. The picture above is our most current family photo ; ) this picture was taken in our backyard- of sorts, 3 minutes away. We love where we are now. 

honey moon in portland... we have been to the cost one other time since that fantastic trip!
of course we got married ; )  : ) ; ) ; ) 
and of course we love every second we are together.  I hope we get some more years of mortality together! if not, there will always eternity. But i love little bretts guts, and if he randomly dies, he knows i will slug him when i get up there for ditching me! love love love him!!!
brett proposed to me, on august 22, he hiked my little self up a mountain and popped the question below a 150 foot water fall, can you say majestic? am i spoiled or what?! no worries, he kept it real by sporting a "proud to be an american" shirt. bald eagle and all. 
TWO forth of july's! how lucky are we?? popscicles on the lawn, and lights in the sky. Ashes on our face, and kisses in the smokey air. love the 4th. 
we have been backpacking, and hiking. some of our best memories are outside.....

3 family reunions! fishing, fun and youngsters runnign around matted with dirt!
and yes.... we have been to a few rodeos. This picture was pre wedding, as you can see by the shorts. our favorite was the hyrum rodeo, those cowboys can get down! 

our last year has been a blast! i am so happy my husband decided i was worth all the "pain in the butt moments" and put a ring on my finger. We recently bought a house, and life has calmed down. Little buster loves the hills, hates the cows, and keeps us on our toes. The little monster can make a mess in the blink of an eye! we love the little mutt though. 

I cannot express how happy i am. I cannot be more grateful. Blessing have come to use time and time and time again. we never deserved them. but they came. my husband is a gem. I hope he knows that, I cannot wait to see what the future brings us, and what other adventures lay around the corner!!! goodness knows what ever it is, brett and i will tackle it with both feet running!


Davis Five said...

I am sure glad to call you my Sister....Love having you apart of this family little miss Lauren. :) Love ya!

Dani said...

lauren what a doll you are! i'm glad you finally posted again. it was fun reading how the last year has been with you and brett. what an adventure! you amaze me with how faithful you are, you always have been. you're a great example. i'm glad things are finally able to settle down, sounds like you guys deserve it greatly. much love to you!

the davis family said...

aw thanks katie! i love being a davis! and dani, thank you so much! i cant believe we are getting so grown up! getting married and such- ha ha ha seems like just yesterday we were ironing our hair in your room for our middle school pictures lol! your going to be a married women soon!!!!!