Monday, October 18, 2010

cakes. oh the cakes.

I think i might throw up if i have to eat any more CAKE! i got into this whole cake decorating thing. brett bought me pans, and we went out and spent WAY to much on ingredients..... and i attempted my first cake. I have never made a cake in my life. my sister always made the box ones for birthdays. I don't know where i was, but i never made one. man. they are hard little suckers to make!

my first attempt was a layer vanilla bean butter cream cake, with a grapefruit curd, used in the layers. YES, i bought 2 real vanilla beans, scraped out all the tiny little seeds... and added them to my little cake. who knew vanilla beans were so expensive??? TWO.beans are eight dollars. two!(two is a really funny word. I never noticed how goof its spelled.)

anyways. its really hard for brett and i to eat a whole cake, but what do you do? throw that darn thing away? after you spent 3.5 hours making it, and 40 dollars on the darn ingredients. no way. so we have been shoving the darn cake into our mouths. sigh, im so sick of cake! but it was so fun making it!

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Lee Party of 2 said...

that cake looks so enticing! i wouldn't have a problem shoving that thing down my throat...maybe thats a tiny lie, but one piece would definitely suffice :) lookin good, make some more!