Monday, October 18, 2010

influential october, tribute to the greatest

I am horrible when it comes to birthdays. awful in fact. I never remember the right day, or i think about it too early in the month and then when it comes around to the actual day, i then forget. Its always awkward giving someone close to you a belated birthday wish. You always feel like such a jerk, "oh happy birthday so and so, i know i'm a week late, but... happy birthday". who knows, maybe im the only one with this problem. maybe im self centered! is my life too busy for anyone else? i hope thats no the case, because thats not how i feel. Anyways... back to the point of this post:

October is a very special month, because 2 very special people, have very special birthdays. Luckily i didnt forget to wish them happy birthday! (this year at least). I wanted to do a little tribute post, I mean its the least I can do. These men mean so much to me!

Charles Grant King: comedian, gym buff,
ultimate father, rose bush expert, has an
awesome music collection.

Garry Wayne Davis: geo tracker, car enthusiast, 24/7
crisis control, wisdom in all.
hobby: "getting high"

I just wanted to share with everyone how great these two are! and hopefully share some memories with them, that they can hopefully remember with me.


Grant (dad): Our family used to live in NAMPA, and one day i was cutting roses with you, you wouldn't let me clip them, but i was carefully helping you put the clippings in a trash can. I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow i got a HUGE thorn stuck in my finger, and i was was screaming. You swooped me up, took me in the kitchen and fixed me up. I felt so cared for, and i thought you were the greatest dad in the world, cuz you are!

I attribute all my practicality to you and all of my level headedness to you. of course i am also grateful to you for being great at english and history! i helped edit one of brett's papers the other day and he was quite impressed. I was like duh im great! my dad used to mark my papers up with red pen, once upon a day ago- i wouldn't know a thing about writing if it wasn't for you. goodness knows the meridian school district didn't teach me what i know!

another great memory is when i worked with you during the summer, i might not have been the best employee, but i enjoyed going to lunch with you and spending time with you all day. It ment alot to me. I love the little things about you that make you my dad. Like the fact that you go to the same small spots to eat, and small spots to shop, and find CD's. Your very urban, and i love that you taught me culture. writing this is making my eyes water- and i have one of those awful lumps in my throat, because you really have been to patient with me, and you never gave up on me. EVER! even when i was a little hellion. thank you for standing by me, through the ups, and through the downs.
love you dad, and i miss not being around you as much. MOVE TO HYRUM!
; ) happy birthday dad-


Garry: im excited to do this post! because i feel like brett and i owe you so much! your pretty much the best father in law a girl could ask for! Im lucky to have snagged your son, for many reasons, but one is that he comes with a great family. Favorite memory i have of you, hands down, was the fist time brett brought me home to meet you. of course you know the story, but for good measure, i will write it down in case i get old and lose my memory.

brett drove up in his party boy jeep. my hair was wild, and i was wearing short little shorts because we had been swimming and hanging out in the water all day. you were working on a car, and when we pulled up you didn't look over the hood to glance at us, but instead was mumbling to brett about the jeep leakin. you were tinkering around in the car for a few seconds later, i was still glued to the passenger seat to scared to move. mortified that i was dressed the way i was, hoping you would never come around from the hood! anyways, of course i had to get out of the car, and when we i went inside i felt like i was under interrogation! you must have been trained well as a cop, because i was sputtering out all sorts of nonsense that you didn't need to know! ha ha ha, now i know its just you, and you like to know a person's story. what it is about them that makes them them! anyways, i will never for get that day.

other memories i have of you, that are my very favorite, are just simple ones. time that you have offered me quiet counsel. I have learned a lot about the gospel, and i have gained such a sense of strength just by watching you, and seeing how you conduct your life. no one can deny, you are a giant when it comes to service, and forgiveness. i admire that so much.

you have always made me feel like a davis. I told brett that i was excited to take on the davis name, because to me being a davis means something. Being part of your family, means something to me. i sign my name with pride, and davis looks so good behind Lauren!

happy birthday garry! its hard to express to someone how much they mean to the world. i hope you know brett and i are genuinely so blessed, because of the love you and marj have given us!

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