Sunday, October 3, 2010

ok, so i like to scavenge

I have a dirty pass time- i like to go to thrift stores. i love looking through the items that have been cast aside by their previous owners. left on their own to find their way out of the dump. I look through the rust, cracks, and peels in paint, and try and picture these lost items in their prime. plus, the people you meet at these stores are always a bonus.

yesterday i was in the DI, sitting at an old water stained dinner table, when all of a sudden this cute little boy (he was about 5 or 6 in age) comes and sits by me. He was pushing around a little metal contraption with wheels on the bottom. I didn't say anything to him, and he didn't seem to notice me much. he was just simply minding his own business, admiring the small broken down treasure that he had found. All of a sudden, this blonde boy comes up and says, hey, what is that thing? the brunette boy shrugged and mumbled a "ionno" and kept on pushing the contraption back and forth, before i know it- the blonde boy is on top of the other kid biting him, twisting his ear, spitting and yelling "well, its mine now!" in a cackling voice. my memory surged back in the past to when my sister used to do this same thing to me! all of a sudden i found myself reverting to my small little 5 year old self (sadly, my sister is younger then me, which is even more embarrassing). I said in a sheepish voice, hey, hey, with my voice growing louder, umm.... little boy, HEY BOY! NO ONE LIKES A BULLY!!!! the blonde kid laughs at me and goes, yeah?? i sat there, sheepish again... yeah, i said quietly; the blonde kid kept disreguarded me and continued hammering on this kid- finally i raised me voice again, "YOUR NAUGHTLY, some one needs to swat your butt little man! i rose to my feet and got ready to intervene. as soon as I got up, and as soon as those words had left my mouth, an older gentleman walked up, kinda glaring at me, and yanked to blonde kid off the other boy. i felt stupid, because the guy looked at me like,dumb girl mind your own buisness, ha ha ha but it was such an awkward event, i didn't know how to react! if my child is pummeling on someone, i would want someone to swat his butt!

i mean, what do you do????

aw, the events of the DI- anyways, I always come out of that store with real gems. I mean look at this stuff! most of them i ended up tweaking a little, but i still wanted to put pictures up. Its so easy to decorate your house with gently used "forgottens" and its kinda fun- at least i think so- sure you have to wash your hands real good after, and scabies is always in the back of your mind, but its worth the scavenging to make something out of nothing!

eager to read this little find, brett and i only had one car- and i was at the DI for like an hour and a half. I sat down on a dilapidated velvet chair and hunkered into this book, its sad- but enlightening, It made me evaluate how i live my life. I havent finished it yet, but i highly recommend the first two chapter. for a 1.50, can you really go wrong?
light fixture that i made into a pot for a plant, that is now in our dining room, i guess i should post an after picture.

side mirror for an old truck, brett painted it and is putting it in our bathroom, so i see the back of my hair, clever idea from him.
i dont know why some of these pictures are blurry, but sweet cups and saucers i found. the set was seperate, but somehow i managed to pic them out.
i guess i could have worse hobbies, my sister said if i become a hoarder she will kill me. so my goal is to never buy anything i cannot have an immediate use for.

happy hunting!


Rachel said...

I love that hobby! I have the same one.. only i'm not very good at it.. probably because I have pregnancy smell overload and I can't stand the smell of thrift stores.. one day I'll be back! wish we could hang out...

the davis family said...

ha ha ha i can imagine that having you senses amplified in a place like that would not be a good thing! when we go to boise, we will have to come say hi, hopefully your life isnt to crazy!

Our Family said...

Great finds! You sure have to have an imagination in those places though :) I had no idea you had a blog! You guys are so cute and I miss you! How are things next door???