Thursday, December 2, 2010

follow ups

most of these are brett's creations! some are mine as well. hope these help inspire a trip to the thrift store or hobby lobby.... let be honest, everyone needs to unleash there artistic side ; )
We spray painted these small gold frames, and added scrapbook paper behind them that we had. the small disk shaped things were gold drawer pulls. that of course, we spray painted, and brett arranged in this fantastic design, and hung them above my favorite little plant.... which is sadly not looking so green since thanksgiving.

yes, brett made this AWESOME pillow. enough said! he did a great job and it looks great!

what to do with a giant light sconce, and a glass lamp shade? well...... make it into a planter of course! love the plant. love the holder. so glad i came across it discarded among the broken glass items.

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Davis Five said...

Very impressed Berty! The pillows my fav. : )