Sunday, December 12, 2010

book review: the uglies

i love spending my time at the book store. So much time, in fact, that my my husband is usually found pacing the exit. Sure he enjoys the book store for season, but.... i guess hours, upon hours, can be a little excruciating. i don't always have time to spend at the book store however, and i am always looking for a good book to stick my nose into. so- for those of you who need to get in and out of the library quickly, hopefully i can help you out.

scott westerfeld's the uglies series:

i love a good series, mostly because its less work for me. i don't have to hunt down new books after i blaze through the first. these books were fun quirky little books. i enjoyed them, and i would recommend them to anyone who wants a light hearted easy read.

this series is set in the future. with an emphasis on a society who has an obsession with perfection. eat child undergoes extreme plastic surgery at the age of 16. their immune system is enhanced, their bones are strengthened, and their eyes are enhanced. there is a twist to the story however- when everything is not exactly how it seems, and the cities government isn't as "bubbly" as it appears.

i give these light hearted books a B+ and i would gladly loan them out to anyone!

happy reading!