Wednesday, December 15, 2010


this picture was taken after our honeymoon. i mean just look at us- don't we look like the biggest rugrats you have ever seen. yes. the world is sick of reading about posts that consist of my husband and i... and our boring little adventures. but honestly. look at us!

i was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden a small little lump started to form in my throat. this always has a way of happening, at night, (of course) when im all alone, and i begin to ponder on the past.

my mind scans my history- lightly flitting from event to event, poor choice to poor choice, sadness, to dishonesty. slight shame comes from friendships lost, and late nights had. somberness comes from adolescent times. i mean, we all have them. we all choose not to confront our ghosts and bones in the shed.

it doesn't take long, and a weight slowly lifts, and light creeps in. then comes an overwhelming amount of joy. tears slowly well up in ducts of my eyes as i ponder on the grace and sweet simplicity that is my husband. he found me when i needed him the most, and has ever so patiently stood by me in life. he is dedicated to me, and i to him.

in a few days, we will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. This beautiful day will mark a time, when he and i joined hands, and were sealed together for all eternity. our love will ripple past the bands of death and stretch through the fields of space. nothing can change what we are, for we are now FOREVER. the definition in and of itself.

thank you for the days together. thank you for the beauty that is this life. i love what has been made. i love what has become. i love what will be.

.lauren davis.


Davis Five said...

A Great BIG HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! WOW I can't believe it has been a year. : )

the davis family said...

me either!