Sunday, December 19, 2010

one year down- million more ahead!

it's our anniversary! december 19th, yes it is a great day. brett decided that this year, he was going to plan a whole day for us. under one condition- i couldn't know a thing. so! without further a-due, here are some tidbits of this weekends events!

brett started the day by leaving a note on the counter stating that i had a hair apt. at nine thirty : ) after that he got me a grilled pesto turkey (my fave) from great harvest.

then, he whisked me away for a little gettaway-
yes, this was a little entertainment for the journey.
we headed up to SLC, i started freaking out when i saw the sign of my favorite store "splendor"

i got a makeover by a wonderful makeup artist, and brett walked through the doors to pick me up with a new bag with a new dress, earrings and a vera wang bracelt : ) : ) i felt like a princess! plus, great job on the dress- it was a cute one from shabby apple, i know i have posted about that site before, the dresses are super cute. he picked out an adorable one and *whew* it fit! i took it out of the bag and was like, crapppppp this is going to be be to small. but surprisingly, i squeezed my big ol booty into it.

the hubby sticking a parking pass in the xterra, our poor car looks like it need a good washing. but dang. the husband sure is lookin sexy!!!!

dinner was sushi a takashi. yummmooo!!!!

i had to snipe these shots. the waiter gave my camera a dirty look when we first got there, i guess taking picture in restaurants is very classy lol, but no worries, i still managed to get a handful.

we walked around downtown a little....
took some tracks to temple square....
they were beautiful!

i got home, and brett had transformed the entry way with 100 tea light candles-

and yes, he had a bath going for me-
i couldn't have been spoiled more. i am so lucky to have someone so thoughtful. i mean he dedicated the whole day to me, how sweet is that?! maybe having you anniversary, birthday, and christmas, all within the same week isn't such a bad thing after all?!


Lee Party of 2 said...

Alright alright, you scored BIG TIME! ryan would probably never do that for me. The lights leading to the bedroom, the bath, SO romantic! i am super jealous right now, hope you know! Although, i am very lucky also, ryan shows his love in different ways : ) you guys are just a stunning couple.

the davis family said...

thank you thank you thank you! i am rediculously lucky : ) cant wait for you your hubby to reach one year! before you know it we will both be 40- looking at the chance of grandkids. it goes so fast!!!!

Jim and Nicole said...

Oh my goodness!!! That was wayy more of a birthday then an anniversary...I wouldn't know because that hasnt and will never happen!! But anywho how stinkin romantic I cant believe it

Davis Five said...

BROVO Brett Davis......I must say I am not totally surprised, I knew you had it in you ( you are one thoughtful guy). Lauren, do you remember me telling you on our trampoline the first time I met you that those Davis boys sure know how to love their ladies. Well, I was 100% serious about that. I am so happy for the both of you and it is so wonderful to see the happiness you share. Congratulations my dears.

the davis family said...

katie! yes, i remember that sweet little evening at your house, nice and summer-y. you cute kids playing, and you dog running around all happy. awwwww i wanted to be a davis so bad at that point. im so lucky it worked out!

Robert and Charity said...


Angela Fales said...

omg that sounds like the most perfect day i could ever dream of!!!!! you lucky girl! so happy for you 2 :)