Saturday, January 29, 2011


brett was out of town this week, which left a little lauren with a lot of nervous energy. i also have a chronic problem. when im alone, and in a dark room, i tend not to be able to fall alseep. my lack of slumber results in creaking floors, taps on the door nobs, and random breezes whisping across my face. so i turn on the light in the bathroom and crack the door. it never ends good. and i consequently get no sleep. (hence my goal this week to go to bed before midnight) my employer doesnt appreciate my sleeplessness. on friday he pulled me aside and was like, "wow. i have never seen you look like this. you really havent slept all week have you?" i TRIED to make it a good week. there were some lonely moments. but i got the master bedroom painted. great right?

brett will be home in exactly 9 hours. i absolutely. possitively. can. not. wait : )

.lauren davis.


Cheryl said...


I love, love, it. can't wait to see it in person. I'm praying Brett home safe.


Jim and Nicole said...

That looks AAmazing, to bad we don't live closer we could totally keep each other company when our hubbies go away!

the davis family said...

mom, thanks for the compliment. and nicole, remember that one night you kept me company on facebook? such a good friend!

Rachel said...

SERIOUSLY? come paint my house PLEASE!

the davis family said...

deal! and i will bring the stencil! it really wasn't me, all the stencil!