Saturday, January 29, 2011

shear madness

yes, brett and i have an obsession. mallow cups. they are joy. wrapped in coconut, whipped with marshellow cream, and then covered in chocolate. nice right?! com'mon you know you want one. i advise you however to NEVER taste one. why might you ask? because once you taste it, you will also be obsessed. problem? yes. they are impossible to find! at least in the west. brett and i are constantly on the hunt for them. and when we find them?

we buy a WHOLE case. to last us, oh- a month or so ; )

why yes, that girl is happy! she's holding joy in them hands!

.lauren davis.


kyndra said...

Okay love the bangs!!! Now you look like me lol

the davis family said...

i know! i love your bangs! our hair is even the same color now lol

Davis Five said...

Save one for me if you can.....I LOVE coconut stuff. By the way I also LOVE your cute new dew and the beautiful stencil job. It is so elegant. Miss you my dear.