Friday, February 4, 2011

adding insult to injury

alright. here is the skinny. brett and lauren like to... um.... create? alright. brett and lauren have a paint can, unopened, (so we thought) sitting on the floor, by the stairs, waiting to go out into the cement storage room safe- and sound. small dog hops over can, nicks can with paws. the WHOLE can spills on the floor. soaking the carpet with PURPLE paint. small little dog paws gets in that puddle, and gets small little paw prints ALLLL over the house. brett and lauren, in a panic, get out carpet cleaner (sorry no photos of original puddle of paint- we really were freaking out)

alright people. here is where the dusy comes.

brett and lauren get out 95% of the purple paint. as the carpet cleaner is being transported to the bathroom, something goes wrong. carpet cleaner leaks PURPLE paint through our master bedroom. sigh.

bad night.

we got most of it up- but, it was a bad night.

very very bad night.


Davis Five said...

Yikers! Glad to hear you got it out. That could have had a real bad ending. : )

The Thompsons said...

Lauren, your blog is so cute! It's so crazy we're all married now and have blogs haha. I'm so happy you got that paint out. I would have cried for you.

sosh_sky said...

Oh my goodness. That looks like something my parents would go ballistic over if the occurrence happened in our house. While it really looks so dreadful, I think those pictures look strangely beautiful. :D I love your posts

;) Sora