Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer reading

alright, i'm probably behind the times completely. i usually am. but can i say i am ready to do my first book review of the summer? i have an awful fear of flying. yes i am completely terrified. my palms get all sweaty, my heart rate rises, and when there is turbulence, i find myself gripping onto complete strangers sitting next to me. so, as i have been flying to and from green bay, i have been on airplanes more than i would like. i was nervously awaiting my flight when i came across one of those overly priced kiosks in the airport.

i purchased this novel, and was glad i did. its light reading, with a good message. i definitely recommend it. its about slavery in the deep south, written through the voices of "the help". give it a try. its worth your time.

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