Tuesday, June 28, 2011

two year meetaversary

many of you know our story. i have told it a thousand times. but, i never have blogged about it.

june 28th, two years ago i met my husband. can you believe it? i was asked to give a talk in church. i was living in meridian idaho with my family, taking a break from my freshman year of school. i was attending a small singles branch filled with wonderfull people. it was small, and it was a simple ward. nothing fancy. when my bishop asked me to speak i knew it would be a breeze, and i quite simply shrugged it off slightly. who knew that i would be meeting my husband?

i came to the meeting house, rushed and flustered. i sat down at the front, looked up and about died when i saw our whole meeting house stuffed to the brim with people. not just any people, beautiful people. girls with long blonde hair, guys with well pressed shirts. the rows were filled with them. then i remembered, i was speaking with an RM and they were all here to see him.

i looked to the ground and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone (i really am a shy person by nature). i glanced up and saw a dimpled smile in the front row. a dimpled smile that made my stomach flutter, flurry and churn. i looked down just as he glanced over and caught my eye. our eyes met for only a second,and yet i could feel myself catch my breath a little. i glanced down at my talk and read over the first line, trying hard not to look up at that dimpled, blue eyed guy in the front row. i took a deep breath, and once again glanced up, hoping he would be looking elsewhere so i could get a better look at him. as i looked up, i realized he was looking at me. i about died as my palms began to become sweaty all over again.

i spoke, delivered my talk, blue eyed dimpled boy was still staring and smiling at me. i was nervous because i had never in my life seen someone so perfect. after the meeting, i lingered for a while. i watched as people poured out of the chapel, and dispersed for their classes. people were coming up to the RM congratulating him on a well served two years. my eyes were still glancing at blue eyed, dimpled, brown haired, hunk of a man.

i sauntered by him, hoping for a hello. i didn't get one. in fact i didn't even get a glance in my direction.

i lingered a few feet from him hoping for a smile, i didn't get one, i didn't even get a turn my way.

defeated i decided to go to class. out of sheer desperation i walked back through the chapel to get a tithing slip from the bishops office. once again. i didn't get any hint of interest from the blue eyed handsome.

head hung low.... i slowly walked to class, thinking, "lauren, you silly. why would he be interested?" sigh.... i went to sunday school knowing that blue eyed twinkled smile, handsome man was long gone. i settled in for my next class and moved up a row so i would be ready for the next class. i turned my back around to see how full the room would be, when my eyes swept past the door to the hall. in the door frame he stood. handsome as ever in his pressed white shirt, slacks, dress shoes and tie. my heart began to beat fast, and my spirit began to dance a little my chest because i knew he was here for me.

he smiled, his big dimpled glimmering smile.

i found myself getting up, inside i was yelling "what are you doing!!!! you can't just walk up to him!!!!" but my body was on auto pilot, like we knew each other from long ago, and it had finally found the destination it had been searching for for ages. i walked up to him and i found myself startled yet at ease when he embraced me in a hug. strong arms surrounded me, and for a micro second, every muscle in my body relaxed and i sighed a huge sigh.

"lauren king" blue eyed boy said to me, "its so good to see you again"

-yes it is i thought to myself-

"do i know you?" i asked

"no".... slight pause.... "you have an impeccable vocabulary"

-i laughed at this, what a strange and yet nice line i thought-

(he grinned sheepishly and looked at the ground after this comment, slightly laughing to himself)

"take a walk with me?" blue eyed dimpled boy said to me.

we walked and talked and walked and laughed and smiled and giggled and walked and found we worked great together.

the next day we went on a date. he picked me up in his jeep, and we went swimming in a canyon. there was a small water fall, and we were the only souls around. small little tadpoles kissed our legs as we stood and talked in the water on that sunny summer day.

life has been different ever since.

i would like to say it was love at first sight. i truly believe it was. he bought my ring two weeks after that day i saw him in church. thank goodness for that. life has been sweet ever since.

love you brett, cheers to two years.

.lauren davis.


Sharisa said...

What a cute story. Happy meetaversary!

Davis Five said...

And SO happy to have you in the Family sweet Lauren. : )

Our Family said...

That's such a cute story! Brett, I want to hear the other side of it!!

Lauren said...

I love hearing everyone's love stories! Yours is so cute! And yes, you have a great vocabulary ;)