Sunday, March 18, 2012

crazy talk:pre-motherhood

Pregnancy. One of life's greatest gifts, joys, and blessings. Pregnancy. One of life's biggest monuments. Pregnancy. A challenge. Pregnancy. A miracle. Pregnancy. Something that will change you for forever.

With just about two and a half weeks left I can't help but be slightly sentimental. This truly has been a strange and joyful journey. One that I am so grateful to have been a part of. I was sitting on my couch tonight watching my little girl roll her knee cap on the underside of my belly and I couldn't help but be in awe over the whole event.

I truly am humbled by this whole experience. How can one be trusted with a life?

As this pregnancy progresses, I can't help but feel my little girl's spirit growing stronger and stronger every day. I know that every child is special, each spirit is unique. Brett and I have both had many experiences, before I was pregnant, that confirmed this. We know that this little one is special. We know that she is very tenacious, strong, and loving. We know that she chose us. We know that she has cheered for us to succeed, and we know that she is ready to begin her journey here on earth.

When does one fully become a "parent". I guess its different for everyone. You get a glimpse of this roll when you find out your expecting. I guess for me.... It's probably a roll that will take a lifetime to fill. A lifetime to perfect.

As these next few weeks pass, I hope I can soak in whats left of this little miracle. But alas, I hope I save room for dessert, because I truly know.... the best is yet to come.

Ready when you are baby girl Davis. Can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks!


Jim and Nicole said...

The best is very much yet to come :) the love you will have for her is nothing you could ever dream of, enjoy your last couple weeks! So excited for you.

nanny.sarah said...

OMG i cant believe she is almost here!! so excited for you :]

Rachel said...

This is a beautiful post and 100% true. You think you love your little girl now.. just wait :) it only grows 10X a day!

Nicole said...

yay! so happy for you. i feel like i will be so sentimental when i'm pregnant someday. . . cuz' that's just the way i am. ;)

be blessed as a precious baby joins your family. YOUR BABY!!

happy new week, friend!