Thursday, May 10, 2012

crazy talk: milestones

guess who's one month old?!

This cute girl is one month old! 

In her first month of life she has really been figuring things out, here is what she's realized:

She loves her binki. The orange gum drop binki is really the only one she likes. Its been with her from the beginning and she still loves it to this day. 

She has quickly found that her favorite way to sleep is tummy to tummy. it just feels so darn good!

she also realized that car rides are kinda nice, and put her right to sleep. 

of course she also quickly found that her BFF and biggest fan, is of course her dad. they are pretty much  inseperable.

she also learned that baths aren't so bad after all!

and that after baths, mom and dad like to put her in ridiculous bunny rabbit towels. 

she also found out that buster secretly is her friend! they are getting to be best buds every day. 

happy one month birthday Olive girl! keep growin strong! 


Jim and Nicole said...

She's a total cutie!! They grow up wayy to fast. We love the gum drop binki in this house too ;)

erin d. said...

what a doll. enjoy letting her sleep on you. that time passes all too quickly. nothing in the house gets done, but you've soaked up your baby time, something you will never regret.

Sharisa said...

She is just precious! Congratulations to you guys. =)