Friday, March 8, 2013

crazy projects: diy baby gates

this little girl is a riot! for those of you who have spent much time around her, you can attest to the fact that this little girl has rhythm. man oh man does she like to dance. you can see in the bottom pic that her little bum is blurred, this is from all the movin and a shakin that was going on. her favorites:

1. john mayer (her first love)
2. postal service
3. snow patrol? (weird.)

so, we listen to those constantly at our house. all the while her little bum is a bouncin', shoulders a movin', hands are a flyin',  and laughs are had. she is a busy creature.

last month we about had a heart attack. olive took a little while to get the hang of crawling. she had been only crawling for two days when we went over to my sister in laws house. my guard was down slightly because there were plenty of adults around to help me out; cousins were running around everywhere. before i know it, i turn around and see little olive half way up the stairs. my stomach about hit the floor when i saw her stand up against the railing and wobble up to standing position. i calmly ran! as calmly as that can be.... and snatched her up with about a million kisses. i about died. we have two large flights of stairs in our home, so.... baby gates went up immediately. we figured these gates would be up in our home for a while (since olive is our first, and hopefully not our last). so we decided to make some that were nicer than the traditional ones and more user friendly to moms that usually have their hands full.

we based our plans on the baby gates pictured here. it was an easy project and lowes made all the wood cuts for us. we simply had to nail gun the whole thing together, stain them, and throw them up. these suckers are heavy so they will need to go into a stud. make sure that this works for you before you begin your project. we used a stud finder and realized it was a project that we could make work. i have been so pleased with these. they look so good both opened and closed!

thanks BD!

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