Wednesday, April 10, 2013

birthday girl: Olive G. Davis

When i think back to April 10th a year ago, i find the memory of a different version of myself. motherhood has taken every ragged quality and somehow softened it just a little. I was telling BD last night that april 10th, 2012 couldn't have been a more perfect day. he smirked a tilted grin and said, "except for the 16 hour labor and 4 hours of pushing?!" but that's (oddly enough) not what i remember about that day. i remember waking up to a perfect purple and hot pink sunrise. i remember seeing tulips blooming in the flowerbeds of the hospital. i remember the sun peaking over the mountains, and streams of golden rays of sunshine coming through my hospital room window. i remember brett softly holding my hand and how anxious we both were for olive to make her great debut. i remember the popsicles, and then the sunset, as my room filled with warm red light. i remember the ticking of the clock, and then, long after dark, i remember the triumphant cries of our perfect little girl. i can't get over the feeling of belonging she had resting in my arms, and the first time her little swollen eyes gaped into mine as we exchanged our first hello. or the small little thumping of her heart as i gently touched her chest and felt her taking some of her very first breathes. the room was dark, and still and quiet. olive, brett, and i.... without any exchange of words at all, formed a powerful bond of love that quietly resounded in our hearts. it was in those moments, that my heart fully rejoiced. thats what i remember about april 10th, 2012. for it truly was the first day of my life.

happy first birthday olive, you are every good part of us.

-mom and dad-

(photo credit, stacy's photography)

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Kinzie and Kevin said...

She's so cute! I love the baby animals with her :) So precious