Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a celebration!

sweet little miss olive davis has been around for a whole year! (almost, we celebrated a touch early, and having another shin dig in a few days) This sweet little thing had a day to remember. full of all her favorites. it started with pancakes, then play time with all her favorite toys. she had a nice little snooze. lunch at noodles and co where olive drenched herself from head to toe in spaghetti sauce -while devouring her favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs- she then, of course, had to go say hi to her favorite chinchilla friend at petco. she said a friendly hello to the finches as well. Olive loves to press her nose against the glass and giggles as they flap around in the cage. following this she opened lots of fun presents, and of course had some cake! we then went her for a walk. bubble bath, jammies, read a story, and tucked the little girl into bed. start to finish, olive had a perfect day.

happy birthday Olive G! we couldn't love you anymore. we sure are blessed to have had this year. Love you little mama!

-mom and dad

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